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HY LED Inc. is engaged in the design, installation, and wholesale/ retail sales of LED lighting products.

The office is located in Toronto, Ontario.

We carry a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED lights for all needs.  The production include LED spot-lights, down lights, hanging lights, tubes, street lights, strip lights and a series of garden lamps, etc.

LED lights are new era production of lights which Economize on energy up to 80% and protect our environment: low hear, reduce in carbon pollution, Unleaded, No Mercury, No fluorescents; which are good for human health: they are natural light color, no flicker, no humming, eliminate eye strain and headaches associated with fluorescents lighting; which help people reduction in maintenance and disposal cost, elimination of ballast and associated costs, longer lasting (minimum 40,000 hours), reduces the cost of electronic bills.  They are could be used for both business and home.

Our production pass the eETLus listed, FCC and RoHS Compliant.  Two - Three years limited warranty.